Deb Emerson

Teacher - Healer - Clairvoyant

Deb assists her clients in the creation of a life they love,

through the sharing of her practical wisdom in private sessions and classes.

Her magical blend of Psychic Reading, Healing and Practical Guidance

is the catalyst for profound transformation; helping you to awaken to your own Psychic Gifts.

Deb helps you to:

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Strengthen your connection to the Divine.
  3. Be grounded in present time.
  4. Create a space from which to heal.

She helps you to find the path of self-discovery, expanded awareness and intentional creation that will lead you towards increased financial prosperity, better health and happier relationships.

Deb weaves psychic tools into her sessions that support you as you awaken to your inner divinity and align with your expanded awareness.



I assist you in the process of..

  • Knowing yourself & discovering your innate gifts & talents
  • Strengthening your connection to a higher power
  • Being more present
  • Creating a space to heal

Basically I create a safe space for you to increase your

awareness, change your energy & raise your vibe.

You will learn to be present, connect more fully to a higher

power, shift your energy & transform your life.





Are you ready to change your energy and transform your life?

Thanks for your interest in my work!


Here are some tools to get you started...

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Deb's class helped me to become aware of my energy and learn how to direct it, into the way I want it to flow. It taught me how to ground and release foreign energies and how to bring back all of my life force energy. I found it even more helpful that my husband took this class with me, because then he can remind me to get grounded. This class gave me the tools to be able to meditate on m own daily, which has given me my power back in my life! And honestly I could not have done this if I did not feel comfortable around the teacher, Debbie Emerson. I have always felt that she cared about me and that she was always interested in what I had to say and what I wanted to learn from her. This friendly personality and safe environment has always kept me coming back. She the placed the idea in myself that I had the power to heal myself, and my life has forever been changed.
Chantile Pearmain
Lots of energy has been moving since our session! I've felt a lot of energy moving out of my stomach and have been feeling better there. I have gone through the first three meditations from the class as well and wow, the grounding is amazing, as is the earth/cosmic energy running. It was so easy to tap into and it has been transformative, I have felt lots of energy drop out that wasn't mine. I've been tapping in a few times a day to ground and release energy. I've found that I really do pick up so much energy that isn't mine, even in just an hour or two!​
Shannon Amrein