BioField Sound Healing

Tuning Your Body Through Sound

The Bio-field is the electro-magnetic field that moves through and surrounds the body.

Everything that we experience in life is recorded within the body and this field.

When there is a mental, emotional or physical irregularity, there will also be found an area of tangled energy or ‘dissonance’ in this field; this will eventually affect the physical levels of our reality.

During a session these pockets of ‘dissonance’ are located.

Through the interaction and communication between the sound of the tuning forks and the body’s electromagnetic field, the body is able to ‘hear’ where it is ‘out of tune’ and literally re-tune itself.

As this communication is taking place the tangled energy is re-patterned and released so that it can be re-integrated into the bio-field.

Each client and each session is different.

But the typical experience is one of a sense of release, relaxation and expanded space.

And often times, there may be a spontaneous release of emotional and physical pain.