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Vibes Up! 101

The Key to Unlock Your Potential & Awaken Your Inner Guidance

Vibes Up 101 gives you in-depth training in the practice of energy awareness and management. 

You will learn a series of time tested tools that have helped thousands increase their awareness of the energetic realms and manage their energetic space more efficiently. 

This training is delivered in the form of pre-recorded audio and PDF files. This allows you to move through the course at a pace that fits your style and your schedule. 

You will also receive 6 BONUS recordings from a recent class that I taught ‘live’ via Zoom. 

I think that you’ll find that the small investment you make in this course will be well worth the expanded levels of awareness that you quickly acheive.



Deb's class helped me to become aware of my energy and learn how to direct it, into the way I want it to flow. It taught me how to ground and release foreign energies and how to bring back all of my life force energy. I found it even more helpful that my husband took this class with me, because then he can remind me to get grounded. This class gave me the tools to be able to meditate on m own daily, which has given me my power back in my life! And honestly I could not have done this if I did not feel comfortable around the teacher, Debbie Emerson. I have always felt that she cared about me and that she was always interested in what I had to say and what I wanted to learn from her. This friendly personality and safe environment has always kept me coming back. She the placed the idea in myself that I had the power to heal myself, and my life has forever been changed.
Chantile Pearmain