Psychic Development

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Interested in developing your...

Psychic Abilities?

  • Are you tired of taking classes, buying books, spending money and getting little or no results?
  • Are you looking for someone who can answer your questions and assist you in understanding and getting results?
Deb, I have only done the first class so far. I moved so much energy around it was amazing! I have done the meditation twice. I feel huge amounts of energy flowing. thank you!
Steva Pilato
Wow. This is a really good course. Great job on the presentation. And I love this meditation for moving energy. My whole body is flowing. I don’t remember anything happening like this before. I’m pretty sure this will help my healing with...issues I sometimes struggle with. Amazing stuff. I was debating starting this because I get pulled in so many different directions in life but deep inside me i couldn’t walk away. And I sure am happy I listened to this inner calling.
Bernie Hicks

This class is for you if…

  • You have a shelf full of books about developing your intuition or listening to your gut, but never followed through with the exercises.
  • You’ve purchased classes on developing your psychic abilities, but it wasn’t clearly explained, and/or you couldn’t get your questions answered.
  • You think these classes and techniques work for everyone else but you
  • You want to have a chance to actually meet the instructor of the class and see if they are a fit for you and how you learn.
  • You’re tired of wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work.

If you answered yes, you are in the right place...I get it!

I have purchased a lot of classes, taken a lot of training, and spent a bunch of money to get to where I am.
I know what has worked, what hasn’t and want to save you the time and money so you can get right on to getting results for yourself.

The reason I do this is because I know

how valuable it is to…

  • Access the additional layers of information that are available when you tap into your Psychic Abilities.
  • Utilize this information when it comes to making important decisions in life.
  • Have the tools that are essential to healing yourself.
  • Experience the evolutionary process that you will go through on your journey of Psychic Development.
  • Be more aligned with the Truth of Who You Really Are.

3-Payment options to suit your needs:

Single Pay Option:  $1400

Six Monthly Payments: $235/month (total $1410)

Twelve Monthly Payments: $135/month (total $1620)

The Psychic Development course will consist of...

  • 14 pre-recorded self-paced classes.
  • 7 LIVE classes/Q&A sessions.
  • Reading Practice sessions, in and out of class.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • This is a 6-month program.

Deb has brought together her many years of training and experience to create this highly effective Psychic Development Training Program.

Check out the videos below to learn more about how Developing Your Psychic Abilities can improve your life.

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