What are Sacred Activations?

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Sacred Activations utilize the healing energies of God/Supreme Being to assist you in releasing emotional patterns and programming that no longer serve you.
Receiving the activations assists not only you, but the Collective Consciousness of humanity in the process of healing and ascension.
They have the capability of producing profound change, growth and transformation, giving you the space to step into the truth and power of who you are.

There are many Sacred Activations to choose from that will impart the specific energies that are needed at the time.

Deb will ‘run’ the activations that are most appropriate to assist you in reaching the level of healing and transformation that you are looking for.

Sacred Activations - Audio Downloads

Hey there. Just a quick update. I did the Mother Earth activation a little while ago and I am totally blown away at how powerful it is. I was hit with waves of deep emotion for almost 18 hours. The transformation that resulted was none the less miraculous. I have been doing other activations and am working my way to cover the foundation. All of them are intense experiences. And I love your grounding technique. I use it when I meditate. Very unique energy flow. I am blessed to have you in my life.
Bernie Hicks

Sacred Activations - 26 Foundation Activations

These are the original activations channeled by the creator of Sacred Activations, Tamra Oviatt. They lay a solid foundation that will support you on the path of your spiritual evolution.

And they assist you in raising your vibration so that when you receive the ‘advanced’ activations, you will be able to incorporate them into your energetic matrix more easily.

You may choose to purchase the package of all 26 activations for $220 OR you may purchase each activation separately for $10 each.

The explanation for each activation is listed below.

Purchase the package of all 26 Foundation activations below

You will receive a zip file with all 26 audio files plus a PDF with the explanation for each activation. 

$220 for the package.

Lord Metatron

The Lord Metatron activation enables you to navigate through Earth’s changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to thenew crystalline levels, and is in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd Dimensional to 5th Dimensional planet1. It activates the Flower of Life sacred geometry of the body.

Avebury – Stonehenge

This activation increases your healing and psychic abilities, enabling you to communicate with your Higher-Self, your Guides, Angels, the Creator, and other realms. Most people find that one of their psychic abilities is stronger than the others, and this will develop most noticeably first. This activation will also make you more sensitive to subtle healing energies.

Moses Code

This activation recharges your cells, making you more youthful and rejuvenated. With this activation it is easier to focus on your dreams and make them a reality. This activation also activates the ‘Tree of Life’ sacred geometry within the body.

Christ Consciousness

This is an incredibly important activation on. It is the first activation which elevates the vibration of love, it unplugs you from the 3rd dimensional grid system and connects you to the 5th dimensional grid system of un-conditional love. This activation empowers you to create miracles in your life. Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.

This activation has nothing to do with Christianity – Jesus Christ was given that name because he carried the vibration of the Christ Consciousness.

Super DNA

The Super DNA activation improves your DNA, so that it matches the new evolved generation that is coming onto the planet at this time. During this activation, four more cordons will be activated in the DNA strand.

Mother Earth

This activation connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home: Mother Earth. It helps ground you and centers you in the knowing that we are all connected; it connects you to the fairies, trees, flowers and water, and brings you closer to our animal friends. To connect to your Higher Self, it’s important to first connect to Mother Earth.

Mother Mary

This activation provides awareness of others’ inability to love and a clear understanding of who they are on all levels. When you are brought into the awareness of a mother’s love and clear beliefs that block your ability to love others in the world, you achieve a state of love for everyone without judgment. It gives you the understanding of how to love the earth and everyone on it as if they were your child. This activation clears anger and judgement, taking your tolerance to new levels.

This activation follows on from the Christ Consciousness activation in taking your ability to love to the next level.

Family Constellation

The Family Constellation Activation is an amazingly powerful activation. It clears your anger, judgement, guilt, and hatred toward your family. It gives you a true knowing of what a family’s love really feels like. After this activation, amazing shifts in family relationships and dynamics can occur.

Original Light Language

This activation allows us to be “in love” with life. It also allows us to be true to ourselves and honor our personal power when we are in conflict with others. It releases us from the trauma of what others are experiencing, allowing us to observe without becoming attached.

It’s incredibly empowering when you are dealing with a difficult situation, allowing you to stay in your authentic power without taking on the beliefs of others.

Inner Child Reconnection

Inner Child Reconnection Activation reclaims the pieces of your soul that were left in other lifetimes, galaxies and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left in other times and places; reclaims your power from those lifetimes; and shifts your foundation beliefs into alignment for the reclamation of your personal power.

Fruit of Life

This activation lights up all 13 Chakras activating the Fruit of Life sacred geometry within the body, and keeping you grounded and connected to your higher self. It also clears belief systems from the 13 Chakras as they are taken to a higher vibration.

Life’s Grid

The Life’s Grid activation creates a protective shield around you, keeping you safe from radiation, sound waves and other pollutants that are being put into our atmosphere (these harmful things shut down the pineal gland as well as your Kundalini energy). This also keeps you safe from negative energies from other people and is brilliant for healers and overly sensitive or empathic people who take on too much from others.

Heaven on Earth

This activation releases oaths, or karma, to suffer for those who came before you. Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and our ancestors. This activation releases all of the above.

Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension

This activation allows you to release the belief systems of the third dimension – which are usually based on fear, anger and resentment.

This activation should only be done after you’ve done the first 12 activations for you to get the full benefit. If you haven’t done the foundation activations first, your mind will find it difficult to accept this shift in consciousness. This activation plugs you into the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Planetary Alignment

This activation aligns you with the planets and their transformative energy, helping you to shift with the planet with ease and grace.

Bleeding Heart

You can’t help others if you are being destroyed by their pain and suffering. This activation enables you to detach from the suffering of others so that your heart is whole and replenished. You are then far more effective to help, support, love and heal the suffering in the world.

Sacred Power

This activation should be done after the others, as you need to be vibrating at the highest level possible to maintain this activation.

This activation clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force you are meant to be. It will empower you to step into your true authentic power.

Are You a Martyr?

Do you live your life for others? Are other people’s lives and emotions more important than your own? Were you taught to put others first? Many people, especially healers, have programs that they have to sacrifice and martyr themselves for others – that they don’t matter at all. This activation disconnects you from the Collective Consciousness of being a martyr. You can love and care for others without allowing yourself to be used or destroyed in the process!

Addiction Redirection

This activation restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. It clears the energies of addictions including: Hoarding, Fear, Self sacrifice, Drama, Sex, Drugs/Alcohol, Compulsive Behavior and more.

Spiritual Ego Release

People on the spiritual path often have too much or too little spiritual ego. Too much and they have a Guru-complex. Too little and they are so worried that they are unworthy that they achieve nothing. This activation gets you in balance so you can move forward and do the work you are meant to do without your ego holding you back in any way.

Anger and Resentment Towards God

This activation is incredibly important. We store up anger and resentment towards God, Life, The World, The Universe and Everything through all lifetimes. Every time something bad happens, this resentment grows. This activation clears this away at the deepest levels allowing you to move forward in alignment with the energy of creation. Sometimes we don’t realize we are holding anger and resentment because our minds might have changed it into something else – depression, fear, apathy, etc.

Use this activation often and it can shiftmany issues for you.

Soul Mate

The Soul Mate Activation clears beliefs, judgments, trauma and betrayal with your soul mates over all lifetimes. It opens you to receive the right soul mate, free of the fear of the future with him or her. It also clears the Collective Consciousness, the religious beliefs and genetic beliefs about relationships with a soul mate. We have many soul mates, and this will allow you to align with the most supportive and nurturing one in this lifetime; your most compatible life partner.

Polar Opposite

The Polar Opposite activation is amazing. Sometimes, old negative pathways are entrenched within our brains. By focusing on the negative issue we wish to shift, and doing the Polar Opposite activation, these negative pathways are dis-created, wiped out. This clears the residual energies of those old pa1erns allowing new pathways of unconditional love to be created.

Sacred Blueprint

This activation will help align you with your true self and your purpose in life, giving you the courage and knowledge of how to follow it without delay and/or fear. It will give you the knowing of what you are to do here on Earth.

Collective Church

This activation will remove any oaths, vows or contracts put in place from past lives. It frees you from the ancestral need to suffer for God. It clears trauma associated with past lives as monks or nuns. It also clears the programs that tell you that it is forbidden for you to connect directly with God. This activation will give you a clearer connection with Creator.

Creative Gene Extraordinaire

This activation removes you from the 3rd dimensional grid and plugs you into the 5th dimensional grid system.

When you are aligned with the 5th dimensional grid system you begin to manifest instantaneously.
 Additionally, it also gives you the knowing that you are safe, that you are a creator in your life, and that you can create money and other forms of abundance out of thin air.