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I had a Power Animal Reading from the incredible Debbie Emerson. And seriously, I was "blown away." Because of this message from my Power Animal, the NightHawk... "She, Sky kept showing me pictures of the sky and all of the many brilliantly bright stars. She also showed me a picture of the the way the Egyptian goddess Nut is depicted. I believe she basically represents the sky. She pointed out how some of the stars were pulsing and said that these stars are civilizations that you are connected to and they are sending/beaming you information. And there was something about being expansive and encompassing the totality. It was a bit of an amorphous message,not as concrete as I often get. She told me that you are a ‘key holder’. It feels like it will make sense to you, hopefully as that was all she was willing to say." Yeah- I've been playing around with Starseed energy and am creating a Facebook group, a 5 day Visible Starseed Challenge and there will be a 7 week course...Empowered Starseeds. BUT - I've also received some "information" and downloads around Arcturian Light Key Codes that work directly with human DNA that I've been sitting on.... So - the Message...."You are a 'key holder'....hmmm. Guess its time to get that information out and start sharing it with other Arcturian Light practitioners. Thank you Debbie for being a conduit of clarity and inspiration for me. Thank you Sky. (My Nighthawk power animal) I look forward to working with you more. As for the rest of you...goodness gracious schedule one of these Power Animal Readings with Debbie. They're more than affordable, super fun and can contain just the message you need to expand to your next level of awesomeness
Becky Kimes
Master Energy Healer
"I suspect I will look back on today's session as the start of some long needed healing and I'm very thankful. You explained a lot of things that many psychologists have failed to do, haha."
Jessica H.
Business Professional
I know so much more about me and appreciate myself more since taking the classes taught by Deb. She is truly a great teacher in that when you question she helps you answer the question with personal experience. I have learned that my thoughts are valid for me and I help teach myself to understand the questions and answers about life. I am a part of the Universe just as everything else is also a part. The love I have for people is the same as the love I have for myself. Always growing more and more. I am proud to accept my life as it is always becoming more than it was.
Va Donna McKim
Vision Therapist
Good Morning Debi, I had to tell you that the headache is completely gone and after almost 2 weeks of pain, it seems like a miracle! I truly can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve helped already, I feel like anything is possible!!! The energy work you’ve done for me is amazing, I can really feel a difference!!! With much gratitude, Sue
Sue Reeves
I signed up back in December for 7 sessions with Debi. So far have had 4 sessions. it seems that within hours after my session I have been seeing major shifts! Working on connection and visibility, confidence etc in last 2 sessions and both last time and today there has been wonderful people come out of the woodwork all of a sudden!!! just amazing!! thank you!
Jacki Rioux
Energy Healer
Debbie Emerson's Power Animal Connection report is off the charts.
She picked up on a Power Animal that has been attempting in a number of ways to make himself known to me and I allowed him in closer only last week, days before asking for a reading. The information Debbie shares is priceless. This power animal was a new one as we evolve, grow and transform new beings will show up to assist us. Who might be waiting or attempting to connect with you? I wonder what awarenesses a report may activate for you. Thank you Debbie
Claudia Burnett
Debbie is a very gifted and talented woman. With everything that she does, you get to experience her at her most authentic. She does not turn her passion on and off, it is there driving her to be the best. Debbie’s intuitive gifts are next level. You may sign up to work with Debbie in one capacity however be blown away with how healing the sessions are. It’s the intent with which she does everything that she offers. Thank you Debbie Emerson for being you!
Rachael Huntley
Scientific Hand Analysis
I’ve been doing tons of Inner Work in the past year+ and your healings and Sacred Activations are a part of the process, (and definitely part of the progress!) Blessings – thank you!
Hi Deb, I think the SA’s (Sacred Activations) having been helping enormously and I’m so grateful to you for sending them out to all of us. The other thing that’s been HUGE for me is taking your Activating Your Intuition course. It’s practical, down to earth, and easy to learn with a touch of whimsy. I’ve taken many courses over the years and quite often the methods just don’t resonate with me or the tools are too complicated to continue using. In your course you’ve taught me tools that I use every day that are truly life transforming. Thank you ever so much – I appreciate everything you do to support spiritual growth & sparkling health!! Namaste, Sue P.S. The sessions I’ve had with you are amazing and life transforming as well, I just keep forgetting to tell you how helpful the AYI course has been .
Sue Reeves
Just got done with Debbie Emerson’s generous distance energy healing session. Wow! As a Reiki Master, I could feel her strong, gentle energy and as she went through the session she could not have been more spot on with what she saw and conveyed. I think there are a lot of people who want to do this kind of work, but may not have the natural abilities or have developed their skills necessary to provide true energy healing - Debi, however, is the real deal. She is an experienced, talented, loving presence and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like some guidance or healing. I will definitely be back for more and will be telling my friends about this gem of a healer. THANK YOU, Debi, for your generosity, time and energy this morning. I couldn’t be happier with the session! God bless you and your work in the world.
Dianna Good
Reiki Master
Deb solves the problem of disconnecting from our true selves. I have benefited by shedding energy that's not mine...which has helped me find more of myself. ​ My life has changed because I know myself better. So, I'm more able to be creative instead of reactive. ​
Shane Pearmain
Debbie Emerson has been my meditation and Clairvoyant instructor for 4 years. Her commitment to your personal awarenesses is gold. I highly recommend her healing sessions and classes. And her FB group, Spiritual Seekers. Tap into her expansive gifts - Steps to real Self Love.
Deirdre Duff-Allen
2 Minute Laughter Mentor

Unicorn Light Language Oracle Cards

Each card is imbued with the Light Language Codes that were downloaded when I channeled the symbol for each card. When you connect with the cards, you’ll find that the reading/healing is multi-layered.

My suggestion is that you have a question in mind before you choose a card. As you turn the card over, be open to receiving the essence of the meaning from the card. As you gaze at the card the Light Codes that are embedded in the card will begin to enter your energy field. You may choose to complete the download by bringing the card to your heart, allowing the codes to integrate with your energetic matrix. .

The Light Language Codes from the Unicorn Realm vibrate at a very high frequency. They have the potential to catalyze immense change and transformation within you as you begin to work with them.

$19.99 (plus applicable taxes & shipping)

Your Unicorn Light Language Oracle Card Deck will be shipped directly to you  from the manufacturer.

Thank you!